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NC National Guard Museum and Learning Center of Excellence



The purpose of the North Carolina National Guard Museum and Learning Center of Excellence is to collect, preserve and display artifacts, documents, and memorabilia that have specific historical significance to the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard of North Carolina.

The mission of the North Carolina National Guard Museum and Learning Center of Excellence is to preserve and explain the military heritage of North Carolina and enhance public understanding of how armed conflicts and military institutions have shaped our state and national experience.

Where We Stand Today

The museum is in the construction process and is not officially open for business. The museum will be located on the campus of Joint Force Headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. We are presently collecting vehicles and equipment from across the state for static display and taking donations of artifacts and memorabilia from individual donors. The official grand opening for the museum is tentatively scheduled for Spring of 2017.

As of February 11,2015 the museum has received it's official tax status as a 501c3 by the IRS and has been designated as the "official National Guard Museum activity for the state of North Carolina by the Director of Army Museums" from the Army Center for Military History.

Our historical collection is currently established, and additions are constantly being made through donations from public and private sources. The types of artifacts are varied. We currently have over 6,000 photographs, documents, and clippings; more than 20 Yank magazines from WWII; a collection of Stars and Stripes publications from the 1940s; over 1500 artifacts, including uniforms and military items from various periods, specifically WWI, WWII, OIF, and OEF; various medals and unit awards; hard copies of military histories and lineage and honors; maps; assorted WWII field gear; two partial WWI uniforms; gas masks from various eras; a collection of oral histories; a Tar-Heel War Record from the Great War; a collection of Hornet's Nest Yearbooks ranging from 1950s-present day; over 400 military related books; plaques and trophies spanning from the 1940s to present day, and much more...

The museum will represent the service, sacrifice and heritage of North Carolina's Army & Air National Guard.  Not only will the museum preserve and display artifacts, art and stories of our military history, traditions and legacy, but it will also contain static displays of armor, wheeled vehicles, artillery and aircraft. The building itself will contain a research library, interactive displays for all ages, a theater, as well as areas in which to restore and preserve artifacts from the collection. Outside the building will be a "history trail," featuring dugouts, trenches, and other fighting positions that have evolved over the course of our history, giving the visitor an up front and realistic taste of those features which can be difficult for the uninitiated to visualize.

For any questions regarding the history of the North Carolina National Guard or the North Carolina National Guard Museum and Learning Center of Excellence, please contact:

 CPT Sean Daily, Deputy Command Historian 

 Office Phone: 919-664-6199 



 SGT Gary Spencer, Historian/Curator 

 Office:  984-664-6544 


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The North Carolina National Guard is in the process of creating a Museum to honor all our past and present heroes.